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About this web site

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Fix subtitles with Subtitles fixer online.

A good way to fix your subtitles file and synchronize your subtitles to your movie.

Fixing subtitles is what this web site is dedicated for.
It will help you fix your subtitles in case of a fixed delay between the subtitles and your movie.

The idea is simple, you don't have
to download anything, you just
have to upload your subtitles file and supply
the time difference between the movie and the
subtitles in seconds (1, 4, 3.56 are all good values).

This Upload button will upload and fix the SRT file.
you will need to save the fixed subtitle file
as "movieName.srt" for example if your movie
is "1.avi" the fixed file should be called "1.srt"
At the moment the site supports .SRT files,
other formats may be supported in the future.

Now you can enjoy the movie !

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